The Bards Guild is a faction of bards that were formed to better document and teach the arts of the bardic trade. They have a very powerful influence in the world as they are responsible for spreading all rumors around Oriath. This ancient faction is trusted by common folk as they try to speak the truth as much as they are able. The Bards Guild is lead by the Master of Tales, an elected individual which holds immense esteem as a renowned storyteller and scribe. As the Bards Guild has spread rumors of all types and word of any misdeeds they are sworn enemies of many factions in Oriath. Factions that are bound in secrecy and try to maintain a low profile especially despise the Bards. Despite the reputation of the Bards Guild as storytellers and music makers many of their members are trained in combat skills.

Their allies include the Merchant Guild, the Paladins of Aeger, the Black Marks, some nobles and many adventurers. Their enemies include the Mages Guild, the Eyes of Sodos, the Red Mirage Caste, the Thieves Guild, the Torches of the Void, many criminals and some nobles.

Their resources are relegated to their allied factions. The Merchant Guild provides financial support in return for economic power through the spreading of rumors and tales to increase the value of some commodities. The Paladins of Aeger provide protection in exchange for the reputation of their order.

The Bards Guild base of operations if the Great Tavern of Burra, renowned for its master story tellers and incredible food and drink.

To join the Bards Guild you must be referred by a high ranking member. This often occurs through reputation gained from storytelling experience within bars or taverns.

The symbol of the Bards Guild is a lute crossed with a sword. Bards are often boisterous and jovial, eager to spread the word of whatever tale they have been brewing.

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