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The Eyes of Sodos are a strong faction of spies which formed in the interests of political power and money. They hold a strong influence in Oriath and have an excellent reputation, they are a somewhat old faction. Led by an individual titled as the Dragon of Shadow they remain very small and elite, carefully picking new members who are both trustworthy and extremely skilled. A Dragon of Shadow is pseudo-elected by their influence in the faction and in the world, they hold a very high code of honor and so would never accept a bribe. The Eyes try keep their list of enemies short, either eliminating them(often through the help of the Red Mirage Caste) or converting them, groups that cannot be destroyed or reformed are instead heavily impregnated with spies. Inversely their pool of allies grows constantly and they always seek new alliances.

Their allies include the Red Mirage Caste, the Thieves Guild, some nobles, some courtesans and the Torches of the Void. Their enemies include some nobles, some merchants, the Mages Guild, the Circle of Benarus and the Bards Guild.

The Eyes have little resources outside of their gathered information and a few scattered contacts, instead relying mostly on the Red Mirage Caste to do the heavy lifting.

The Eyes have been implicated in the recent resignation of a Master of Tales in the Bards Guild and the current Archmage of the Mages Guild has expressed great concern on his position as well.

The Eye's base of operations is unknown but most probably resembles locations that the Thieves Guild would occupy.

To join the Eyes of Sodos one must have a referral and then accomplish a task given by a recruiter. The only way to contact the Eyes would be being a member or one of them coming to you first.

Members of the Eyes have been known to carry various jewelry and trinkets which contain vials of deadly poison known as Gravuta's Rot which is most often used on themselves in case of capture. Members are also very professional.